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OpenRules 6.3.0 is available

A new release 6.3.0 essentially simplifies OpenRules expression language by introducing macros, enhancing the standard decision templates, and making all decisioning constructs thread-safe.
February 10, 2014

DMN 1.0 Live Primer

OpenRules® published the first implementation of the DMN 1.0 Primer based on the oncoming OMG standard "Decision Model and Notation"
Oct 13, 2013  

OpenRules on Cloud

Read the tutorial "Cloud Application Development" with examples of OpenRules web applications available on the cloud.


Forrester Research, Inc.

"OpenRules have the most-aggressive approaches to business-expert authoring and typically requires less developer support than IBM ILOG, FICO Blaze Advisor, and JBoss BRMS.

Market Overview: Business Rules Platforms


The complete production version of OpenRules® includes the latest version of the software, documentation, and sources. You will also receive access to Priority Email Support, to the Inside Track Program, and to OpenRules® Add-ons. A complete installation also includes the following projects and supporting components:
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- rules-based web applications & web services (list)
- constraint-based applications (list).

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