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Rule Solver™ User Manual

JSR-331 CP API Standard

Modeling and Solving Scheduling and Resource Allocation Problems
What-If Analyzer for Decision Modeling

Business-oriented Constraint Solver

Rule Solver™ may be used as a constraint solver that utilizes  Excel-based decision models to represent and solve constraint satisfaction problems. While the most constraint solver are oriented to a software developers,  Rule Solver™ allows business users to use the power of CP.

Rule Solver™ is based on the CP standard JSR-331 and allows a user to switch between different open source JSR-331compliant constraint solvers without any changes in the decision models.

Inferential Rule Engine

Rule Solver™ may be used as an alternative to the standard OpenRules® sequential rule engine. It allows a user to executes the same decision models in a way similar to famous RETE-based rule engines (no needs for rule ordering). Rule Solver™  automatically resolves rule ordering problems for rules inside decision tables and between different decision tables. Additionally, Rule Solver™ can find solutions in situations when business rules only partially define a problem.

Rule Solver™ also provides a powerful mechanism for consistency validation of OpenRules® decision models. It automatically validates the Excel-based decision models, points to possible inconsistencies in business rules, and applies the default search strategy to find feasible or optimal solutions.


Read more in the Rule Solver™ User Manual and in the paper.


Rule Solver™ is available for downloads as a part of the complete OpenRules installation: 
It includes many practical examples to learn from.

Optimization Engines Development

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