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Technical Support

OpenRules, Inc. stands behind all Open Source tools and provides premium Technical Support highly praised by customers.

Jump-Start Services

This 2-5 days service allows you to effectively evaluate and apply OpenRules products to your project. This service can be customized and tailored to your specific needs and usually results in a working prototype


OpenRules, Inc. provides professional services to assist customers in developing rule-based systems. Our services cover the entire application life cycle from Rule Harvesting to Rule Automation, Testing, Consistency Checking, Deployment and Integration, Maintenance.


Our trainers work together with in-house developers to bring them up to speed with OpenRules products and to lower the total cost of software development and maintenance. Along with a solid academic background, our consultants/instructors possess hands-on knowledge of the latest software development technology.

Additional Services

Live Assist - Fast Support Service

OpenRules, Inc. provides a fast support online service within 24 hours from your request, upon which an OpenRules expert conducts a support session addressing your particular problem by studying it remotely and together with you on your own computer. Experience shows that this service is much more productive compared to traditional email exchange.

Rules Compression Services

OpenRules may help you to compress your large and complex rules in more compact using the Rule Compressor.  It can be done independently of what BR product you use (OpenRules or any other product).

 Our Customers Say

Contact us at service@openrules.com to discuss what services your organization may need, when you need them and how much (if any) they may cost.