Optional Add-On Components

Add-Ons are optional components that provide additional functionality on the top of OpenRules. Currently available OpenRules add-ons include:


  • ORD - OpenRules Dialog allows non-technical people to develop and maintain web-based questionnaires (dialogs) using simple Excel tables that describe pages, sections, and questions

  • Rule Solver™ - allows a user to define and solve scheduling, resource allocation and other complex constraint satisfaction and optimization problems. Available for public downloads together with the latest OpenRules® release from the Inside Track program.

  • What-If Analyzer - supports real-time what-if analysis of decision models by activating/deactivation business rules. A user may immediately see the changes in the affected decision variables and decision outcomes. It allows a user to find multiple and optimal solutions.

  • Rule Compressor - assists in the compression of large rule sets and decision tables using machine learning techniques

  • Rules-based PDF Generator - allows a user to define and generate pdf-documents directly from OpenRules applications

  • Java Convenience Tools:  commonly used Java classes with predefined methods for printing, logging, formatting, input validation, database communication, operator implementation, and more.  These tools are a part of the standard OpenRules distribution.  See project com.openrules.tools

  • OpenRules Forms Library: an optional library of typical interaction constructions, form layouts, and predefined data types for OpenRules Forms.  This library is a part of the standard OpenRules distribution project, openrules.forms.lib

  • JSR-94 Support: OpenRules projects with a reference implementation of the JSR94 standard

  • Custom add-ons created by or for OpenRules customers.

  • Additionally you may find some useful add-ons that are available to subscribers of the Inside Track program as downloadable knowledge units.

  • All OpenRules add-ons are open-sourced.  That means the source code is always available whether you receive the add-ons for free or purchase them for a certain fee.

Follow the links above to learn more about OpenRules Add-ons.