Technical Support

Technical support is one of the most important priorities of OpenRules, Inc. Our support is available on 24x7 basis and is usually highly appreciated by our customers - see What They Say.

Email Support
OpenRules, Inc. accompanies all downloads of its open source software with email-based technical support - send your questions and/or suggestions to  You may also post your questions at the Google Discussion Group. People who paid the nominal fee for the latest complete release are eligible for Priority Email Support.

Annual Support Subscriptions
You may subscribe to OpenRules
Commercial Annual Technical Support packages designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Annual support levels vary by number of incidents, number of contacts, telephone access availability, and response time:

Supported Features

Annual Support
Level 1

Annual Support
Level 2

Annual Support
Level 3

Number of Incidents




Number of Contacts




Inside Track Yes Yes Yes
Access quick fixes and new releases 12 months 12 months 12 months

Web Access




Phone Access

Business Hours

Business Hours

Extended Business Hours

Response Time

up to 2 business days

up to 1 business day

from 1 to 12 hours





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*Prices are subject to change without notice. 

You may purchase Discounted Support Packaged with Commercial Licenses from here.

Annual Support Terms. The OpenRules Annual Support Subscription begins 1 day after the payment received by OpenRules. The Subscription is subject to automatic renewal on a year-to-year basis. Either party may give notice of its intention not to renew at least 30 days before the end of the Subscription. If neither party gives such notice, the Annual Support Subscription shall automatically renew on a year-to-year basis until either party gives such notice at least 30 days before the anniversary date of any renewal.

An incident is a single, discreet technical problem which cannot be reasonably subdivided.  Each incident typically involves a series of exchanges between a user and OpenRules Support Staff.  Depending upon the complexity of the incident, resolution may take a few hours or a few days.

Premier Level Support is available to meet the needs of enterprise customers, who demand the highest service level. With immediate access to OpenRules' Premier Support Team, we not only solve urgent technical problems, but provide assistance and advice to help you with performance tuning, rules organization logic, and user API Code. Response time up to 2 hours and 24X7 Phone Emergency Service are available for Premier Support customers. Contact us at to discuss a premier level support for your organization.

Live Assist - Fast Support Service
OpenRules, Inc. also provides a fast online support service usually within 24 hours from your request. An OpenRules expert conducts the support session and addresses your particular problem by remotely working together with you on your own computer.

Non-Profits, Academic Institutions, and Startups.  If you represent a non-profit organization, an academic institution, or a startup with a very limited funding, you may apply for a discounted technical support option.  Such applications will be carefully considered by OpenRules, Inc.

Order by Mail. You may also subscribe to OpenRules Support by sending a check. Please send a request "We want to pay by check" to  including  the following information: Support Type, Company Name, Contact Name, Position, E-mail Address, Phone, and a brief description of your application (optional). We will provide you with the exact mail address.
You may send us a purchase order at and we will provide you with an invoice with our bank requisites for a wire transfer.

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