OpenRules Components

Rule Engine

Efficient execution of business rules

Rules Repository

Business rules organization and management

Rule Editors

Rules creation and editing with MS Excel, OpenOffice or Google Sheets

Rule Templates

Powerful rules templatization mechanism

Rule Solver

Finding alternative and optimal decisions

Rule Learner

Business rules discovery

Rule Validator

Rules validation and error diagnostic

Rule Testing

Rules testing with use cases implemented using Excel-based data

Eclipse Plugin

Rules project management with Eclipse IDE

Rule Dialog

Rules-based Web-questionnaire builder

Rule Forms

Web application development with dynamic rules-based interaction

Rule Deployment

Java API, Web Services, JSP

Additional Services

Live Assist - Fast Support Service

OpenRules, Inc. provides a fast support online service within 24 hours from your request, upon which an OpenRules expert conducts a support session addressing your particular problem by studying it remotely and together with you on your own computer. Experience shows that this service is much more productive compared to traditional email exchange.

Rules Compression Services

OpenRules may help you to compress your large and complex rules in more compact using the Rule Compressor.  It can be done independently of what BR product you use (OpenRules or any other product).

 Our Customers Say

OpenRules® is an Open Source Business Rules and Decision Management System. It utilizes commonly used tools such as MS Excel, Eclipse IDE, and Google Docs.   OpenRules provides a suite of open source components for Rules-based Application Development:


OpenRules® also offers Add-on Components such as:


     Optional 3rd Party Tools that bring an additional value when used together with OpenRules®:

OpenRules relies on proven open source tools/libraries created and maintained by different open source contributors. The downloadable OpenRules software includes copies of related freely distributed 3rd party products in accordance with their open source licenses.

OpenRules, Inc. backs all included tools with the best in Technical Support and related Consulting Services.