Jump-Start Services

Jump-Start service is designed to make your team productive and self-sufficient as quickly as possible. It allows you to effectively evaluate OpenRules and to learn how to maximize the value which open source brings to your project. This service can be customized and tailored to your specific needs and results in a working prototype.



  • Kickoff meeting to determine the scope of your rules-based application

  • Quick introduction to OpenRules® with targeted samples

  • Architecture discussion and guidance specific to your development, maintenance, and run-time environments

  • Q&A session that addresses complex OpenRules® development, configuration, and integration issues

  • One-on-one training for project members

  • Quick, on-site development of the prototype using extreme programming technique (optional)

  • Determination of the scope of the initial core application, integration and expansion technique, and business issues for a further brief consulting engagement (optional)


  • Effective, fast, efficient OpenRules® education

  • Reduced risk and time-to-solution

  • Good usage patterns from the beginning

  • Configuration of an initial development environment


  • An OpenRules expert will work with your specialists during 1, 2, or 3 days based on your specific needs.



  • On-site at the user location


  • There are no prerequisites

How to Order

  • Contact service@openrules.com to discuss what kind of Jump-Start services your organization may need, how much they may cost (if any), and when they can be provided.