Live Assist Service

OpenRules, Inc. offers a fast-support online service during a 24-hours period. Upon your request, an OpenRules expert conducts a remote-support session addressing your particular problem by studying it together with you on your own computer.  This service costs only $60.00 USD for up to a 1 hour support session. Here's how it works:


You place an order for up to 1 hour remote-support session with an OpenRules expert by paying only $60.00 USD - click on the button on your right to place an order. Do not forget to provide your phone number and email address.  →

An OpenRules expert will contact you over the provided phone or email to setup a remote-session time, and to give you connection information. Frequently the session starts within an hour of OpenRules, Inc.'s confirmation of your payment.
If necesary, an OpenRules expert may remotely views your computer, listens to the explanation of the problem, and helps you resolve the problem just as if you were sitting at the same desk.

Click on the "Buy Now" button above to order your fast support session. Contact us at if you have any additional questions.