OpenRules, Inc. has developed, enhanced, and maintains the Open Source Business Rules and Decision Management System commonly known as OpenRules®.  OpenRules, Inc. also provides technical support, training and consulting services related to the OpenRules® product.

OpenRules, Inc. is a NJ-based corporation founded by Dr. Jacob Feldman in February 2003.  The company's original name "Intelligent ChoicePoint, Inc." was changed to "OpenRules, Inc." in December 2003 when the OpenRules® product was made publicly available for the first time.  Over the years OpenRules has become one of the most popular Business Rules products. Every day OpenRules helps customers worldwide to handle millions of transactions in real-world production environments for large corporations, government agencies, hospitals, and online businesses - see a list of selected Customers.

OpenRules, Inc. makes its open source product available to any commercial or non-commercial customer and provides reliable technical support.  In addition, OpenRules specialists provide consulting services to US and international businesses.  We are proud for being known as experts in developing practical decision support applications using:

  • Business Rules Approach
  • Constraint and Linear Programming
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • SOA Architectures with Business Rules, Predictive Analytics and Optimization components integrated into Business Process Management infrastructures.

We do not promise, we deliver!  If you are currently deciding how to add business rules, predictive analytics, and/or optimization components to your existing or new information system or how to improve already developed rules-based systems, contact us.  Upon request we will provide you with references from major international institutions that successfully use OpenRules software and services for their mission-critical applications.

OpenRules, Inc. is an official US Government Contractor with key employees having requisite security clearances. OpenRules has developed decision support systems for large government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To learn more please click here and here.

We are committed to always providing you with quality, security and state-of-the-art functionality. 

If you have any questions regarding OpenRules, Inc., please contact us at

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