PDF Generator

OpenRules provides a special add-on for the rules-based generation of PDF documents.  The name of the add-on is "pdfgen" and it provides a Java interface that can be used inside OpenRules tables to define and to generate pdf forms. 

The pdfgen comes together with a detailed example that explains how to use it. This example, "1040EZ", is an interactive web application that provides a complete implementation of the well-known US tax form 1040EZ.  The application takes the standard 1040EZ PDF form publicly available from the IRS web site and fills it in after an interactive session with a taxpayer.  The interaction is web-based and uses OpenRules Forms to define the dynamic dialog and 1040EZ form completion rules.  It demonstrates PDF generation by automatically producing a filled out tax document in the PDF format.  It supports complete business logic, the input of actual data and the output of an actual form required by government regulations.

The pdfgen interface is available as a special knowledge from Inside Track.   The source code is included.

The pdfgen interface uses 3rd party PDF generation software developed by Big Faceless Organization (BFO) - see http://big.faceless.org.  An evaluation version of the BFO software is included in the pdfgen.  However, for production implementations you will need a commercial copy of the BFO software that could be purchased directly from BFO or from OpenRules.