Release Notes 5.4.1

October 2010


OpenRules® Release 5.4.1 introduces a new version of Rule Solver™ for defining and solving constraint satisfaction and optimization problems. Rule Solver™ allows subject matter experts (not necessarily developers) to define and reconfigure their scheduling, resource allocation, and other complex constraint satisfaction problems directly in Excel by extending predefined OpenRules® templates.  Then Rule Solver™ will automatically solve the proper problem using a standard constraint solver. Such combination of business rules and constraint programming provides OpenRules® customers with unprecedented power of solving decision support problems that are usually beyond the reach of pure rule engines.

Rule Solver™ is based on the latest version of the JSR-331 "Constraint Programming API", an oncoming Java Community Process (JCP) standard that recently  received the JCP award as "The Most Innovative JSR of 2010". OpenRules® CTO Dr. Jacob Feldman is the Specification Lead of this JSR.

Rule Solver™ comes with the detailed User Manual that includes many introductory examples. Rule Solver™ includes all JSR-331 jars (with 3 preliminary implementation solvers) available under open source licenses.

OpenRules® Release 5.4.1 also provides some additional improvements:
1) A new release of ORD™ (Questionnaire Builder) is available for downloads - see updated ORD's User Manual

2) A new sample project HelloJavaScript demonstrates how to use JScripts within OpenRules® Forms projects. It is available from the Inside Track program.

You may download the OpenRules® 5.4.1 from Rule Solver™ is now available for public downloads together with the latest OpenRules® release from the Inside Track program.

OpenRules® provides professional technical support and consulting services for Rule Solver™ and JSR-331 that is included into the standard Annual Support Subscriptions.





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