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Web-based Questionnaires provide templates for web-based dynamic dialogs that can be developed by non-technical people using only Excel and without any necessity to learn different web programming techniques.  A questionnaire is a web application that can be described in terms of pages, sections, and different types of questions.  Layouts of pages, sections, questions, and complex relationships between them can be expressed in a very natural way using simple and intuitive rule tables directly in Excel.

OpenRules® installation includes the following sample web applications:

Project Name



This is a simple dialog template that includes all types of questions and two buttons “Next” and “Prev” that allow you to navigate throw pages.


Similar to DialogType0 plus a special Login page with a password and an ability to store/reload dialog sessions


Similar to DialogType1 but adds a menu to navigate between pages


A more complex questionnaire that may have many questions on each page. The next question to ask is always displayed on the top of the page and all answered questions below it


A simple web questionnaire for a credit card application


A real-world questionnaire that allows a user to interactively fill is notorious US tax form 1040EZ and automatically generate a resulting PDF document - see tutorial


The main configuration project that includes needed OpenRules libraries and templates


This is a standard OpenRules library to support Web applications. It provides Excel files that supports typical interaction constructions, layouts and layout elements, and predefined data types.


To work with Web-based questionnaires, you will need web containers or application servers such as Apache Tomcat to be installed. You may download a free Tomcat container from  For Windows download and run the file “apache-tomcat-6.0.29.exe” choosing 32-64 Windows Service Installer.

All sample projects are accompanied by readme-files, include test cases, and can be deployed and executed as web applications.

More sample projects are described at

      OpenRules-6 Decision Projects

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      OpenRules Web Projects

You may always request samples you are interested in by sending an email to





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