Sample Decision Projects

Sample decision projects included in the standard OpenRules installation


OpenRules-6 installation includes the following sample projects with various decisions:

Project Name



This is a basic decision that decides how to greet a customer during different times of the day. For example, if a customer Robinson is a married woman and local time is 14:25, it produces a greeting like "Good Afternoon, Mrs. Robinson!". The model and test data are defined completely in Excel.


This decision is similar to "DecisionHello" but test data comes from Java objects.


This decision is similar to "DecisionHello" but demonstrates how to run the same engine with different decisions in different threads


This decision demonstrates how to deal with dates.


This is an implementation of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN 1.1) Chapter 11 example


This is an implementation of the Live Primer for "The Decision Model"


This decision specifies several decisions and related decision tables for a loan pre-qualification process.


This decision defines medication and dosing rules as described in this tutorial


This decision demonstrates more complex decision and decision tables with multiple calculation formulas - see the tutorial


This rules project shows how to organize complex rules-based calculations creating an auto insurance premium calculator. It demonstrates how to deal with aggregated objects such as arrays in the context of decisions, glossaries, methods, and decision tables. In particular, this example shows how to calculate an insurance premium for a policy that contains multiple drivers and vehicles.


This decision demonstrates how deal with arrays of objects using complex up-sell rules organized in intuitive rule families. While presented rules use financial products, lists of products and services can be easily adjust to any industry.


This decision specifies complex rules for calculation employee vacation days using simple formulas within a decision table.


This decision specifies validation and calculation decision tables for the notorious US tax form 1040EZ.


This decision demonstrates how to generate Excel-files with decision tables


The main configuration project that includes needed OpenRules libraries and templates

All sample projects are accompanied by readme-files, include test cases, and can be executed directly from a file manager or within an IDE such as Eclipse. Detailed descriptions of these projects can be found at the document "Getting Started".

More sample projects are described at

You may always request samples you are interested in by sending an email to




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