Release 2.0.0

EDISON, NJ -- March 16, 2005 -- OpenRules, Inc. announced today an availability of a new major release of OpenRules that in 2004 became de-facto the most popular open source Business Rules Engine. OpenRules 2.0.0 goes beyond a pure Business Rules Management System. It extends OpenRules to scale of a framework for development and maintenance of Rules-based Web Applications.

Release 2.0.0 introduces Web Forms management facilities that allows non-technical users to create web forms using simple Excel tables which specify form layouts in a WYSIWYG manner. It also provides a methodology and numerous examples how to define complex interaction logic. It includes an extendable library of standard layouts, data types, and methods to support rules-based interaction processes. 

OpenRules 2.0.0 introduces Web Deployment mechanism that allows developers to expose basic rule projects as Web Services. It also provides a push-button deployment mechanism for presentation-oriented Web Applications with rules and forms defined in Excel.

Release 2.0.0 includes a reference implementation and a sample project for JSR-94.

OpenRules 2.0.0 comes with a rich set of user tutorials available online from In particular, it extends the Clinical Guidelines use case to demonstrate how business and IT specialists can work together in developing complex Rules-based Web Application.

Open Source product OpenRules 2.0.0 software and documentation can be downloaded without any license fee from  

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