Release Notes 5.3.2

October 2009


OpenRules Release 5.3.2 has been introduced together with a new OpenRules product "ORD" that is a special add-on for building complex, rules-based questionnaires.

ORD allows non-technical people to develop and maintain web-based questionnaires (dialogs) using only Excel and without necessity to learn complex web programming techniques.  Read more about ORD and download a free evaluation copy of the ORD today. The detailed ORD documentation (User Manual and Getting Started) and multiple examples are included.

The release 5.3.2 also extends OpenRulesEngine API allowing a user to invoke Excel-based rules and methods only when they are actually defined - see a new section "Undefined Methods". It is especially important for complex rule templates that may invoke rules with fixed names and not to produce syntax errors when the proper rules are not defined.

You may download the latest OpenRules release 5.3.2 from





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