OpenRules Release 4.0 July-2007
 OpenRules 4.0 adds advanced features for rules repositories




EDISON, NJ -- July 20, 2007 -- OpenRules, Inc. announced today the availability of a new major release OpenRules-4.  While OpenRules-3 has been praised by many real-world customers for its unique combination of power and simplicity, OpenRules-4 adds new advanced features requested "from the trenches".  The major improvements include: 

  • Use of Natural Language expressions directly in decision tables

  • Single-Hit Decision Tables that stop rules execution upon the "first hit" and return values produced by the last executed action. Single-hit tables provide a more natural support for "IF-THEN-ELSE" logic and may essentially improve performance

  • DB-based Rule Repositories with a direct access to rules saved in a relational database and an embedded version control

  • Parameterized Rule Repositories that allow OpenRulesEngine to invoke different rules (e.g. RulesNY.xls vs RulesCA.xls) using the same rule project.

A detailed description of new features may be found at  As usual, the new release fixes bugs and provides well-documented examples for new features.

OpenRules-3 has already proved to be a stable and powerful BRMS that supports enterprise-level rule repositories for different mission-critical applications and software products.  Based on the growing popularity of OpenRules, we plan to double our technical staff in order to improve R&D and to satisfy increasing requests for OpenRules consulting and support services.  To fund these activities, we decided to make the new release, OpenRules-4, available with all sources to those customers who have already acquired or wish to acquire any technical support package or agree to pay a nominal fee for downloads.  A discounted support option is available for non-profits, academic institutions, startups, and private developers.  At the same time, OpenRules-3 remains available for free downloads to customers who want to become familiar with OpenRules and/or use it without any additional registration requirements in accordance with OpenRules licensing policy.

The OpenRules development team wishes to thank all customers and consultants who contributed to the creation of OpenRules-4.

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