Release 2.3.0

EDISON, NJ -- February 06, 2006 -- OpenRules, Inc. announced today an availability of a new maintenance release of OpenRules 2.3.0. This release provides the following improvements:

Enhanced Web GUI development features
The release 2.3.0 enhances the OpenRules Forms with such GUI elements as:

  • Textareas to support multi-line text windows
  • Check boxes

See details at and examples in the HelloForms sample project. 

3rd Party software updates
The release 2.3.0 reconfigures OpenRules to work with new versions of the used 3rd party software. In particular, now it uses Apache POI 3.0 and Apache Commons Lang 2.0. It works fine with the newest Eclipse 3.1.2.

Bug fixes, improved diagnostics and documentation
This release also fixes some bugs found by OpenRules customers and testers.
It also improves error diagnostics especially concerning formatting errors
in OpenRules Forms. The user documentation provides a more detailed description of GUI development and application configuration. 

About OpenRules
OpenRules, Inc. is a NJ-based corporation that develops, supports and provides consulting services around Open Source Business Rule Engine commonly known as OpenRules™. For details, please visit

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