Release 2.1.0

EDISON, NJ -- May 05, 2005 -- OpenRules, Inc. announced today that a new release of OpenRules 2.1.0 is available for free downloads. While Release 2.1.0 is a minor release, it contains several essential improvements that address an enormous customers response to OpenRules-2 introduction.

Release 2.1.0 improves OpenRules interaction management providing a powerful while intuitive mechanism for server-side input validation. Customers can use various built-in input validators to validate credit cards, social security numbers, regular expressions, and add their own custom validators.

OpenRules 2.1.0 essentially improves multi-platform support. All build processes are now completely Ant-based making OpenRules development environment platform-independent. The structure of rules projects is simplified to correspond more traditional organization of software projects in both Windows and Unix environments.

Improvements made in the Web deployment processes allow customers to utilize latest versions of the Tomcat server as long as existing Tomcat installations.

Click here to see Release Notes for OpenRules 2.1.0.

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