Release 1.1.0

EDISON, NJ -- November 5, 2004 -- OpenRules, Inc. announced today that a new Release 1.1 of OpenRules™, the first open source full-scale business rules framework, is available for free public downloads. 

This new release 1.1 utilizes practical experience of using OpenRules for complex rules-based applications. In particular, the Release 1.1 includes an ability to represent business rules using multiple inter-related Excel files. Different rule projects can share xls-files with reusable decision tables, data types, and methods. It provides OpenRules' customers with an ability to create Excel-based libraries of predefined data/object models and business rules specific for the selected lines of business, and reuse such libraries across multiple applications. Another attractive feature of the release 1.1 is an ability to add OpenRules expressions (and actually any code like Java function calls) directly inside Excel's cells, that may dramatically increase the expressive power and compactness of Excel-based decision tables. The errors in the code will be immediately diagnosed from the related Eclipse rule project with direct links to Excel cells with an invalid code.  The enhanced Eclipse plug-in includes a wizard that simplifies configuration of OpenRules projects using rule project templates. The new release also fixes bugs found in the previous product releases.

Along with a new release 1.1 of OpenRules, a related release of OpenL has been implemented. The new releases are available for free downloads from and

About OpenRules
OpenRules, Inc. is a NJ-based corporation whose specialists are known to many leading US businesses as experts in developing practical decision support applications using business rules, optimization, and workflow technologies. OpenRules, Inc. is the company that develops, supports and markets the OpenRules™ product and provides related consulting and training services.  For more details, please visit


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