OpenRules delivers to IRS a strategic compliance planning model

Washington, DC and Edison, NJ -- October 30, 2004 -- OpenRules, Inc. announced today that it has successfully completed the latest development phase of the Strategic Compliance Planning Model (SCPM) for the Internal Revenue Service.  SCPM is a sophisticated decision-support model that has the potential to assist IRS leadership with long-term strategic planning by providing a model framework to evaluate  budget allocation, workforce management, and workload targeting decisions.  In particular, this model develops and computes a baseline budget allocation of enforcement activities by maximizing long-term tax collections (both direct and indirect revenues), subject to expected annual budget allocations.

The latest phase, “Apply Business Rules Approach to Integrate SCPM Business Processes,” provides practical recommendations on how to apply business rules to workload/workforce modeling and modifications over several years by adding expert knowledge to the key SCPM processes.

The rules-based approach will allow IRS to improve the flexibility of SCPM data by allowing users to react to changing work processes following significant work process reengineering that will greatly affect the usefulness of historical data to predict future resource needs.  The business rules will provide the ability to add new types of enforcement workload along with the associated resource needs predefined workload templates. The business rules will support the workload categorization process by externalizing the rules previously hard-coded in the complex preprocessing programs. A combination of business rules and optimization tools will further allow IRS to specify workforce reshaping objectives and finally recommend concrete steps that should be taken over the years to achieve these objectives.

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