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This Evaluation Version is a fully functional latest release of OpenRules® that can be installed and executed on your own machine. It will allow you to evaluate the major decisioning functionality and to build and run your own decision projects. You would be able to use your own Java objects within your decision models, integrate your models into your actual IT system, execute and debug them, produce execution reports, and enjoy other benefits of having a complete control. However, the evaluation download does not include additional OpenRules�� components that comes with a complete version.                            

You may download the evaluation version by paying a nominal fee of $19.95:

Why a fee?
For a slightly higher fee you may download the Complete Production Version accompanied by the Priority Technical Support, Inside Track program,  OpenRules® Dialog (ORD) for quick web apps development, Forms, Eclipse Plugin, and other OpenRules® additional components.

After a payment is completed, you will receive an email with download attributes valid for 90 days or until  the next OpenRules version becomes available.

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All OpenRules downloads are subject to the terms of the Open Source GPL license unless you purchase a commercial non-GPL license - see licensing policy.

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