Release Notes 5.3.3

May 2010


OpenRules Release 5.3.3 is a minor release that fixes several bugs found by customers in the latest releases:

  1. We have a fixed a bug introduced in the release 5.3.1 when several instances of OpenRulesEngine created based on the different xls-files executed identical methods
  2. We have fixed a bug in the interpretation of "natural" language intervals (predefined FromToInt and FromToDouble types). There was a mistake in some situations when the second bound in the expression "from - to" is negative.
  3. We improved a mechanism that automatically differentiate between vertical and horizontal rule tables.
  4. Extended Operators in the
  5. Extended DBUtil in the
  6. Add CompareHHMM, CompareDDMMYY
  7. Add new Dialog types to ORD

You may download the latest OpenRules release 5.3.3 from





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