Developing Web Applications
with Apache Tomcat and OpenRules

Step-by-Step Instructions


This is a step-by-step account of how to develop a web application from scratch using Apache Tomcat and OpenRules. We will implement a HelloCustomer application that will greet a customer based on his/her personal data and time of the day. We will create a simple web-based GUI to enter a customer personal data and generate a greeting on a server side. For example, at 2:20PM for a customer "Robinson" who is a married woman of 28, we want our server to generate a greeting like "Good Afternoon, Mrs. Robinson!".  At the same time, we want to implement this application in such a way that it can be easily extended to cover a much more complicated business logic with multiple business objects.

First, we will setup a development environment for a trivial Tomcat application. Then, we will add JSPs and Java classes to implement a "Hello, Customer" web application. Then, we will move business logic from Java to OpenRules. And finally, we will also move presentation logic from JSP to OpenRules.

Part 1 – Environment Setup and Basic Tomcat Application

Part 2 – Implementing "HelloCustomer" Application using JSP and Java

Part 3 – Moving Business Logic to OpenRules

Part 4 – Moving Presentation Logic to OpenRules



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