OpenRules Decision Manager

Allows subject matter experts to build, test, analyze business decision models, and deploy them as Superfast Decision Microservices. Support millions of decisioning transactions per day with high performance and availability requirements - superfast execution of large rulesets! Can be used as a SaaS Rule Engine in AWS Marketplace


Automating Business Logic

OpenRules® enables business analysts to represent and maintain their business logic in the form of Executable Decision Models. They use familiar tools such as MS Excel or Google Sheets to develop, test and maintain their decision models.


Goal-Oriented Approach

OpenRules® supports a goal-oriented approach to decision modeling allowing business users to create complex decision models capable to reach multiple business goals and subgoals. This guide describes the simplest while intuitive way for building business decision models.


ML-based Rules Discovery

OpenRules® applies Machine Learning for discovering business rules based on historical data. Using an integrated Business Rules and Machine Learning approach it helps users to build ever-learning decisioning applications

Decision Optimization

OpenRules® includes Optimization Engines which let's users to build decision models capable to find OPTIMAL (!) decisions based on a user-defined optimization objective. Uitilizes off-the-shelf Constraint and Linear Solvers


Rules-based Questionnaires

OpenRules® includes a rules-based Questionnaire Builder that allows business users to develop dynamic rules-based Web Questionnaires using simple Excel tables


Accessing Databases

OpenRules® allows your rules-based decision models to access relational databases by migrating SQL queries to business rules.


Business & IT Work in Concert

With OpenRules® business people create and test decision models and then involve IT to integrate them with the actual information systems. OpenRules clearly specifies all integration points.


Logic Defined by Business

With OpenRules® business people define business logic, create and execute test cases, and continue to maintain their decision models and services.


If you want to automate Complex Business Logic used by your organization to make better day-by-day Operational Decisions in a cost-effective way,
OpenRules Decision Manager is the right tool to do it!

OpenRules is a Decision Intelligence Platform for creating
Operational Decision Services

Demo - Business Decision Management
Creating Rules-based Decision Microservices optimized for cloud and containers.
Supporting millions of decisioning transactions per day with high performance and availability requirements - superfast execution of large rulesets!
Try It - Machine Learning

Applying Machine Learning for Discovering Business Rules based on historical data
Predictive Analytics
Integrated use of Business Rules and Machine Learning

Try It - Optimization Engines 

Modeling Decision Optimization Problems
Finding Multiple and Optimal Solutions for Business Decision Models

Integrated use of Rules Engines and Constraint/Linear Solvers
Try It - Questionnaire Builder
Developing dynamic rules-based web applications using simple Excel tables
Intelligent rules-based Web Questionnaires
Try It - Interfacing Relational Databases
Integrating rules-based decision models with databases by migrating SQL queries to business rules
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Classic BRDMS - Business-Friendly Rule Engine
General purpose Business Rules and Decision Management System available as an Open Source product. In real-world production environments for the last 16 years.
Allows subject matter experts and software developers to create, test, execute, and maintain enterprise-class decision-making applications.

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OpenRules, Inc. offers a suite of Business Rules and Decision Management products that allow you to develop, test, and maintain Operational Decision Services and to deploy them on-premise or on-cloud.
These products are oriented to business analysts working in concert with developers on creation of business-specific decision management systems. OpenRules makes rules-based systems not only less expensive, but more importantly, easier to develop and manage, and more sustainable. From multi-billion corporations to children's hospitals and innovative start-ups, OpenRules customers capitalize on user familiarity with popular tools such as MS Excel and Google Docs to effectively minimize their learning curve. OpenRules-based Decision Services are easily incorporated into any modern software landscape.

OpenRules, Inc. helps its customers to meet the increasing demand for very complex rule bases and high-transaction volumes, with simpler, more cost-effective solutions. OpenRules, Inc. stands behind all provided Open Source tools with premium Technical Support and related Consulting and Training Services.


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OpenRules 8.3.0 Webinar

OpenRules 8.3.0 Webinar