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Using Databases as OpenRules Repositories

4Simple DB-based Rules Repository
       4Database Structure
       4Example "HelloJava" for Java Derby DB
       4Database Configuration File
       4Database Administration Interface
       4Example "RulesRepositoryDB"
4DB-based Rules Repository with Version Control
       4Database Structure
Repository Versioning Concept
       4Example "RulesRepositoryDBV"
4Maintaining Multiple Repository Versions
       4Database Administration Interface with Versioning
4Custom DB Protocols

Along with rules repositories organized as a hierarchy of Excel files, OpenRules allows you to use standard relational databases to keep and maintain your business rules.  To do this, you may place your Excel files with OpenRules tables into any relational database as Blob objects.  OpenRules provides a direct access to Excel files saved in a database without necessity to download them into a file system.  OpenRules supports several protocols that handle DB-based rules repositories:

The standard DB protocols come with sample projects that explain how to use these protocols to maintain DB-based rules.  They also demonstrate how tune the protocols to work with different JDBC databases or with the standard open source Apache Derby database.  OpenRules also provides basic DB administration facilities to create and maintain Excel-based rules in a database.